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Dear Independent Artists (First Instalment).

Dear Independent Artists,

I hope this finds you well. I am not writing this article to disparage or disrespect your tireless endeavours and energy you have invested in your career. I understand and respect the fact, this is your business and trust me I love minding my business. Truly, your music ceased to be a personal business when you put it out for public consumption. While you were in the studio making it, at that point it was an individual/personal business (which implies it merits some privacy). Since you have chosen to put it out, it has consequently turned into our business to scrutinise, criticise  or agree with it. Now, let’s talk our business. 

Yes, we all got plans. The most significant yet straightforward question is, do your plans got you. Do you think these plans are probably going to save the day. Plans are very much determined improbable to happen events. Imagine a scenario where the event didn’t go as planned. In PR, there’s something we call “Contingency Plan” it’s an alternate course of action. Contingency plan implies the next route you would take if the conventional plans goes south. I can authoritatively tell you this journey isn’t going to be an easy one. You are going to give up many times on the way, but trust me the destination is closer than you think.

There are specific things that prove to be useful in this journey to greatness. Every one of them complete the other. It is difficult to prevail without them. They play significant roles, your success relies on how these strategies are executed. To have a successful career in music, these are the significant things that can assist you with pushing through, hard work, creativity and perseverance . There’s no other type of hypothesis that can adjust these realities. Consistency is the key. How do you intend to remain consistent, to remain on course requires making music each moment of the day. I have consistently prompt unsigned artistes to get some basic studio equipments. Setting up a basic studio in your room is a necessity. I exhort you to invest in some recording studio equipments. Basic studio equipment like audio interface, microphone and headphones won’t surpass £300, rather than booking studio sessions from time to time, you can have it permanently set up in your room. Having a studio proves to be useful, it could help your career soar higher. The most ideal approach to consummate and improve your art, is by practicing regularly there shouldn’t be any days off. Some generous beat producers have made it easier for artists to access thousands of free beats on the internet. Download any beats of your choice and record it at your convenient time. The beauty of basic studio is the portability. You can move around with it. I have a friend who is an independent artist, he travels with his studio. He could set his studio up anyplace and whenever. That is the thing that I call commitment. His mixtape was recorded, and mixed and mastered by him. Everything is currently on the internet. You can access thousands of tutorials on YouTube. If you have Apple products, you can use GarageBand to make some great beats. Remember Kendrick Lamar’s “PRIDE” was produced by Steve Lacy on his iPhone. Likewise Rihanna’s “Umbrella” beat was somewhat created in GarageBand. At the point when you have a room studio, you can have the option to record at your convenient time. If you sum up the amount of money you spend in a year paying for studio session, you would arrive at getting a small bedroom studio is inexpensive. The vast majority of the hit songs by obscure artiste (before they got famous) were recorded in a room studio. Handle your career like a genuine business.

To push your career ahead, you will require a team. Team players here do not include your friends supporting you, in this setting we discussing professional business partners. Let me reveal to you a loosely held bit of information, when you start making music with an intention of making a financial benefit from it, you have automatically become a business owner. The most important player you need in your team is a MANGER. Employ  someone who understands how the internet works. Your manager works as the front-liner while you are on explosives behind scene. The amount of work you put in, would be the same amount of work your manager puts out. To get your career on the line, you need a solid manager who understands web advancement. We are not going to disparage traditional marketing/promotion, because it has played a major role before the internet surge. In any case, since the world moves with time, we don’t have a lot of decision than hopping in the temporary fad. The internet is a very large community (digital community), whereby I presume that half of the total populace lives on the internet.

Yours Writer,

Chris Nwosu