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Understand Your Customers

If your goal is to increase your site conversion rate, best approach is to understand where they are coming from and what the need.

What is Digital Analytics?

Digital Analytics is the process of collecting, measuring to and analysing digital marketing data from different sources. These data could be collected from websites, apps and other sources of digital marketing. The data helps companies to understand the behaviour of their customers and online visitors. Companies obtain vital information through digital analysis, which could help them improve their  online customer experience for both paying customers and potential customers.

Digital Analytics is a great way of measuring collected marketing data. The data could be used to modify or enhance the company operations to provide a better customer experience. The data becomes the hallmark in creating creative marketing strategies, can also help to make informed business decisions.

In order to make your marketing more data-driven, where you can identify optimisation opportunities or even compare your performance with your competitors with benchmarking feature.

Google Analytics 4

Google Analytics 4 (GA4) is a marketing tool used by industry professional marketers for tracking customers journey on websites, apps etc. This great tool is totally free to use. This digital marketing measuring tool can be installed on the website with Google Tag Manager or a snippet of a code implemented in all pages.

This analytics tool can be used to measure goals, pageviews, how long a visitors stay, track purchases and more. Anytime a visitor completes a certain goal, the conversion appears on the analytics report. The report will show the keyword that was searched, the browser and device used by the visitor.

The data passes a useful information about hour consumers interact with your site. This information could be really helpful in adjusting the comaony marketing strategies and could help to improve customer purchasing experience (ecommerce site).

“You can’t manage what you don’t measure”

Peter Drucker


Understand Your Customers Journey