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Someone asked me to write an imperative discourse on benefits of ”Online Advertising” instead I decided to give him a crash course on this subject. Writing an imperative essay would be hard for him to grasp it quickly, as an expert I decided to slice it up portion by portion so it would be easy for him to consume and digest to avoid further indigestion disorder.

Advertising has existed million years ago. The early men used to place their adverts as engraved stones. The other methods of advertising which includes:

  1. Radio advertising
  2. Television advertising
  3. Print advertising (Newspapers, magazines etc.)
  4. Billboard advertising

These aforementioned methods of advertising are known as traditional advertising. These methods have tremendously played a major role in connecting with customers in past years. The similar challenges these advertising methods face is the limitation of reaching a large number of consumers in a single exposure. I am not in any way trying to disparage the worth of traditional advertising.  In other words, the world moves with time. The world is evolving and modern technology makes life easier and cheaper to promote your business without visiting news outlets or Publication Company for advertisement placement.

Online advertising is arguably the best and fastest means of connecting with millions of prospective customers in a click. It is like a nuclear war head you are one click away from causing an explosion on the internet. I can authoritatively tell you with some established facts that online advertising is more effective than traditional advertising. This does not mean I am ignorant of the influence and the major roles traditional advertising has played globally. Before online advertising, traditional advertising has been the moderate means of connecting with consumers and publicising goods and services locally. How many people watch television or listen to radio while waiting for bus at the bus stops or bus stations. Everybody concentrates on their smartphones, there’s every possibility they might come across an advert on social media. Ten out of fifteen people attention is drastically engrossed in their smartphones.

Contextualising the discourse of online advertising and its effectiveness to signal the major role it plays in today’s society. We can use the trending social media networks as a case study. The world has gone digital. It is safe to say half population of the world are digitally connected. It is not news that humans have embraced digital lifestyle since the inception of internet. According to recent research the half population of the world spend 16 hours on the internet. So it is likely that your own business would benefit from this digital trending. Instead of going to the market or shops to buy an item, you can spend that time in your living room at your own convenient time to surf the internet and order the merchandise. An average internet user spends at least 4 hours every day on the internet. Social media is a digital community, people send time socialising and sharing information that educates or entertains others. Every four out of ten internet users are prospective clients.

An advertisement on Facebook can reach a million people in a single publication depending on your budget plan. These adverts usually appear as sponsored adverts. Again, you can use Facebook users as tool to propagate your advertisement message. Let me explain how it works. If someone who is your friend on Facebook comments on an advertisement post it automatically appears on your wall.  Then if the post interests you, you can simply carry out some research on the post by visiting the page. If you like, comment or share the post it automatically appears on the wall of your friends. Which means if you have thousands of friends and followers, the message is instantly pass down to them. Twitter possesses similar features. When someone retweets or quotes a post it appears on your timeline. My younger cousin came home one day and he was telling his dad about this merchandise he would want as a Christmas gift. Basically my uncle is very old fashioned, and he was curious to find out where he got the information from. Because my little cousin does not listen to the radio, read newspapers or watch the television unless he is watching a movie.  That was an advert he saw on Facebook, because his mate shared it on his timeline.

A client consulted me, he was telling how pessimistic he was about his future prospects. As a public relations practitioner there is something we call media selection in planning your communication programme and advertising campaign. What I did was to find out the nature of business. He told me clothing business, casual wears to be precise. I told him the demographic of young people should be your business target. I confidently suggested online advertising is the best for this business without weighing the other methods. Nowadays, young people are glued to their smartphones they can barely watch the television or listen to the radio let alone reading the newspapers. Why would I sit down in the living to watch television when I can watch it online while travelling on the train or bus. Let’s make a practical experiment, next time you board a train or bus try to observe the commuters activities on the journey.