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We build, maintain and improve your site performance.

Healthy website, great user experience.


What is Website Maintenance?

Website Maintenance is simply the act of regularly checking and making sure your website is healthy and safe for your site visitors/customers. In order  to maintain a healthy website with no issues, website maintenance is highly recommended. Clients are advised to regularly check their business websites to ensure a safe environment for their online visitors/customers.

Let’s take the burden off your shoulders, so you can focus on your main priority which is your business. We’ll continue to improve your site speed and security.

What we can help you with:

  1. Run a constant backup to make sure the previous version is stored incase if the website crashes
  2. Update website softwares and plugins regularly
  3. Remove spam comments from pages and posts
  4. Make sure there are no broken links
  5. Help you to update contents and constantly updating your SEO (on-site)
  6. Make sure all pages are loading with no issues
  7. Scan for 404 errors and fix or redirect
  8. Provide security for your website.